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Brand: Poko
For people who are looking to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails or are looking to improve the appearance and health of their hair, skin and nails, Poko has developed a supplement with Irish sea moss, biotin, zinc and coQ10.With the help of pharmacist, Jess Redden, Poko has formulated Hair, Skin ..
Brand: Poko
For women who are going through peri-menopause and menopause, Poko has developed a supplement formulated with vitamin D, ginseng, magnesium and zinc to help with managing their hormones.To help minimise symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, Poko formulated a supplement containing ingredients that..
Brand: Poko
For people who need to look after their general overall wellbeing and health, Poko has developed a supplement to help with keeping your gut at its best. Formulated with inulin and two strains of probiotics, this supplement is an essential supplement to take daily for a better digestion and immune sy..
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